Bernard Kahn HASC is an abstract painter whose art is vibrant and full of color.

Recently, he has created a new series of paintings, which will be exhibited at the National Gallery of Art of New York.

What is the Inspiration Behind the New Series of Paintings by Bernard Kahn HASC?

Many artists create their work based on inspiration, but many don’t share their inspirations while they are creating. HASC’s paintings are inspired by the broad light of the natural world, featuring colors and lines that are inspired by the light of the world. Kahn has experienced the New York City landscape and architecture as inspiration, and he sees both as an opportunity to express his love of the world. When he creates, Kahn uses his imagination as a tool to bring these subjects to life, and he often structures his paintings as puzzles. Kahn explains, “I am inspired by the light in nature and the architecture in the city. I draw upon my imagination to create scenes or portraits of the city or nature. I structure my paintings as puzzles so the viewer needs to look closely to see all the details.”


Learn More About Kahn’s New Series of Paintings

In summer 2021, Bernard Kahn began creating new series of paintings, combining his skills from both representational and abstract art. He is exploring how colors and lines can be combined to create abstract works that are also still deeply connected to the natural world. The new series of paintings is called ‘Abstract Natural World’.

He says, “I am interested in abstracting the natural world while maintaining a sense of color, shape, and feeling.” The new paintings by Kahn are still deeply inspired by the light in the world, but now the colors and lines are abstracted. Kahn explains, “I am exploring how to abstract natural light and how to abstract natural forms. I am interested in how to abstract nature while also maintaining a sense of shape, color, and feeling in the piece.”

‘Abstract Natural World’ series of paintings explore a world of abstract shapes in vibrant colors. These paintings are a continuation of the Abstract City paintings that Kahn has been creating (you can see the paintings in this video).


Bernard Kahn’s Work Has Been Exhibited in Many Museums and Galleries

Kahn has exhibited his work in numerous galleries and museums, including the New York Architectural League and the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. He has also been featured in Architectural Digest, NY Spaces, and Interior Architecture and Design. His work has been featured in various articles, books, including Abstract Color and Pattern: Modern Design and Decorative Arts, Abstract Color and Pattern: Modern Design, Architecture and Visual Poetry, and Abstract Color and Pattern: Modern Design and Decorative Arts, among others.

The new series of paintings ‘Abstract Natural World’ will be exhibited at the National Gallery of Art of New York.

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