Bernard Kahn is an abstract artist who was born in New York City. He attended the Art Students League of New York, and then finished his high school education there as well. After graduating from college, he went on to earn his Bachelor’s degree at CUNY (City University of New York).

Bernard Kahn’s paintings are masterfully vibrant, full of colors and vibrancy. He has been painting since childhood and now uses this technique to create rich art with color.

What motivated Bernard to become an artist?

Bernard Kahn, the founder of HASC (Hebrew Artists Social Community) was born in and grew up in New York City. He had a natural interest in art from the very beginning, and he later became affiliated with the Abstract Expressionist movement. After earning his Bachelor’s degree at CUNY (City University of New York), he went on to earn his Master’s degree at the same university.

His journey as a painter

During his studies, Bernard Kahn HASC founder met the artworks of a number of prominent artists like Juan Gris, Jackson Pollock, and Willem de Kooning. The influence of each artist on Bernard’s work could be felt in his paintings even to this day.

Some of Bernard’s famous paintings

These are just some of Bernard’s famous paintings you might have seen:

“The Encounter”. This is one of Bernard’s most famous works. He paints people in front of the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

“A Step in the Right Direction”. This painting shows a man standing on the steps of a courthouse. It is believed to be a commentary on communist propaganda and the Red Scare.

Squares“. This painting shows a group of people standing next to a painting of a city. The painting is a representation of the artist’s home city of New York.


Bernard Kahn HASC founder is one of the most famous contemporary abstract painters from New York. His artworks have been exhibited in some of the most prominent art galleries in the USA and in Europe.

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